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US Stocks

Invest in US stocks starting with just 50 THB. No commission for your first trade of each month

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Invest with Only 50 THB.

One share of your favorite US stock can cost a fortune.At Dime!, you can invest in a portion of a share with as little as 50 THB or 1.50 USD. Come and own your favorite companies on Dime! application.

Invest with THB

You can invest in US stocks with THB without having to exchange currency by yourself. Place your order as a market order in THB amount. Dime! will exchange your THB cash into USD for you through the system of Kiatnakin Phatra Bank and place your buy orders right away.

Schedule Your Investment Regularly
to Achieve Your Goals.
Try our DCA feature and schedule your stock investment regularly. Simply set the amount and date, and let the app do it for you. No need to time the market. Better discipline, better strategy, better success.

No Commission for the First Trade of Every Month.
No Hidden Fees.

There is no free lunch but there is a free stock trade. At Dime!, you will face no commissions for the first US or Thai stock trade order of every month. This privilege cannot be transferred to the next month or to another customer.

US stock orders on Dime! application will incur the following expenses and fees.


First trade of each month


(TH or US stocks)

Next trade orders

0.01 USD per share

For the stocks priced below 6.67 USD
of the trading amount
For the stocks priced 6.67 USD or higher


Exchange and Transfer Fee


W-8BEN Tax Form Filing Fee




of the value of sell orders
Collected by the US stock exchanges

Trading Activity Fee (TAF Fee)

0.000119 USD

For each share sold
Collected by the US stock exchanges
Maximum 5.95 USD per trade

The commission is exclusive of value-added tax (VAT) 7% of the total commission paid. No other expenses and fees.

Dime! Fast – Exchange Money Faster.

For those who would like to exchange currency themselves in order to invest in offshore stocks, Dime! is proud to present. Through the system of Kiatnakin Phatra Bank, Dime! Fast service will expedite the currency exchange process so you can receive the exchanged amount immediately. Dime! Fast allows you to exchange currency and buy stocks with THB up to 2,000,000 THB per day.
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More than 10,000 Stocks at Your Fingertips

The US stock exchanges, as the global financial hub, include a variety of companies, ranging from traditional industries to space technology, and a variety of assets for you to choose, from common stocks, ADRs, to ETFs.

Too Smooth to Stop. Too Addictive to Sleep.

Seamless experience, comprehensive information, real-time quotes, and precise execution. What’s not to love about Dime! offshore stock feature?

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More Hours.
More Opportunities.

At Dime!, you can trade offshore stocks during off-market hours. The longer you can trade, the more opportunities you can make a profit.

Double Protection for Investors

up to 30 Million USD.

‘Place your trust’ in the US stock exchanges, where your securities and cash in USD are protected under the United States laws, up to 500,000 USD. ‘Enhance your confidence’ with coverage beyond the amount covered by the law, offered by our partner, providing protection of up to 30 million USD.